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In the words of Crocodile Dundee ‘That’s not a party box… THIS is a party box!’

Ok, we might have changed it a little, but we’re sure he would have said that had he seen the awesomeness that is our Ultimate Boxes.  The clue really is in the name.

Our Ultimate Boxes are jam packed with notepads, stickers, stamps, textas and deluxe themed items.  This is the party favour you want to give your child’s guests when you really want to impress.

They are also perfect to take on a family holiday, keep active minds busy on a flight or even make it through a dinner without being interrupted every few minutes! Whatever reason you may have for some much-needed peace and quiet these fabulous boxes are sure to be have you covered.  They are the sanity-saver you’ve been waiting for!! 

And best of all, the BPA-free boxes, which have been lovingly designed in Melbourne, are reusable so they can keep being refilled with more crafty goodness, be used as a keepsake box for favourite treasures or be used as a lunch box.